TechnoTraining, Inc. has access to computer training facilities across the United States. We will gladly support finding the right Classroom Rental solution for your training needs, complete with computers, technical support and other amenities. TTI delivers anywhere from 600 to 900 days of training and consulting every month. Due to our Human Capital resources we can provide our existing clients as well as new clients with outstanding facilities that will apply the same dedicated service to your company or organization.

You will discover that our approach to classroom rental is similar to our use of instructors. We own no training centers; but rather rely on strong alliances built on mutual respect and reliability, and have successfully used that concept since our inception. We provide close oversight, constant feedback, and shared experiences with our partners to keep quality and customer satisfaction high.

We are ready and willing to do our part for the future – whether it is in support of a new need or naturally expanding technology. We will work with you to implement a responsive process that strongly supports your needs. Please Contact Us for information specific to your situation. We look forward to working with you!



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